Proudly serving Eastern Iowa veterans in need since 2015

Dan, a Navy Veteran from Waterloo was asked how has his involvement with AFIL benefitted him in terms of increasing his quality of life.

“That is an easy question, my involvement with AFIL has been better than I could have imagined because I am a stubborn guy and it’s hard for me to ask for help. But when I do ask for help, they do not make me feel bad. They make me feel like I am asking from a friend, not an organization.

When I got out of the hospital last year and requested some pants, they came back with not only pants, but cleaning supplies, rags, socks, food, and so much more. They made me feel like I was a human being and that I have a sense of worth. Something that I have not had for a majority of my lifetime and I am so grateful for that. Guys like me do not have a whole lot of sense of worth and how they’ve helped me, you cannot put a price tag on that, there’s just no words for it.”

Our Programs For Veterans

Veteran Housing

We provide safe and renovated housing for veterans experiencing homelessness.

Home Modifications

Remodel housing to fit service connected disabled veterans needs to be independent.

Furniture for Veterans

Providing furniture, household items, clothing, and other daily necessities to veterans in need.

Resource Center

Future project to provide housing and on-site resources to veterans in need.

Assisting veterans in need since 2015

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Since June 2015, over 1,400 veterans and their families were assisted because of generous donations like yours. THANK YOU!