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Cory, a disabled US Navy Veteran, Independent Duty Corpsman, Fleet Marine Forces from Waterloo reflected on his past year after leaving the AFIL Veterans Transitional Home, “I graduated from the transitional home in May 2018 and I have since worked steady employment through a large home improvement company. In addition, AFIL counselled me on working with a bank to set up a budget and how to manage money smarter. I now have a savings and checking account, a credit card, and purchased stock through my company and set up a 401K.

It’s the first time in years that I have had my own apartment, car, and I have the ability to pay my bills. What this experience is it’s a way to restore ones dignity and regain the confidence to do whatever you set your mind to. AFIL is not a babysitting service it is a rebuilding program for veterans who are willing to face the obstacles head on and make the sacrifices and correct choices to improve their life.”

George Washington once declared that “the willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to how they perceive the veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by their nation.”

Our Programs For Veterans

Transitional Housing

We develop and produce low-cost affordable housing in safe neighborhoods for homeless Veterans.

Home Modifications

Remodel housing to fit service connected disabled veterans needs to be independent.

Resource Center

A future project, the center would
promote health and well- being and foster independent living.

Charitable Gifting of Real Estate

The donation of real estate creates value for the donor and AFIL. Call us for details on the benefits.

Our Mission:

Working to empower veterans in need by providing home modifications, household items, and furniture or transitional housing enabling them to become independent within their homes and community.

Our Mission Is Achievable…with your help!


Organize a fundraiser to benefit AFIL.

Raise Awareness

Tell a friend…or ten! Share our social media pages or pass along this information to someone else who might want to help our cause.


Needed are goods, services or new building materials.

Make a Contribution

We have many more veterans to help and your donation will allow us to continue forward.

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I have heard about the great work AFIL is doing to assist homeless and low-income veterans and I want to partner with AFIL!

Did you know your monetary donation allows us to provide the necessary items veterans need for everyday living?
In 2020, 235 veterans and their families were assisted because of generous donations like yours. THANK YOU!